Luxury British Charcuterie

Award-winning luxury prosciutto, naturally cured and pork-free. 

A unique edition to charcuterie boards and salami selections. 

Served in exclusive hotels, restaurants, palaces, estates, private jets & households. 

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Why Choose Emily's?

100% organic

All of our products are naturally cured (sea salt being the only ingredient), no chemicals, colours or additives are used in the process.


Being the unique and only supplier of pork-free prosciutto, we specialise in Wild Pheasant, Wild Duck, Lamb and Goose Prosciutto, all of which are reared on site.

finest cuts of meat

Our products are made with whole muscle meat that's carefully selected and trimmed from our own produce.

Artisan producer

We are the only award-winning artisan producer of wild game and pork-free prosciutto. Our products are limited edition - so when they are gone, they are gone!

Gold medal

Free-Range Chicken English Prosciutto

Gold medal

Awards 2020
Wild Pheasant British Prosciutto

Silver medal

Awards 2020
Wild Duck British Prosciutto 

Our story


Having over 30 years of international experience catering for high-net-worth individuals and royal family members, Robert is now specialising in air-dried, pork-free prosciutto.

Our award-winning charcuterie, is made using only one ingredient – salt. No colouring, chemicals or additives are used in the process allowing all the natural flavours to combine to produce a unique, yet wonderful flavour. From rearing the animals ourselves, to the process of making the prosciutto, we take great pride in producing the best. The textures and flavours of our unique prosciutto is widely loved, join us on this journey and experience it for yourself.


Customer reviews


One of the best tasting Prosciutto that I've tasted. The textures and flavours are wonderful! Knowing that the processing of the Prosciutto is all managed in-house, from the raising of the animals through to the natural curation and air-drying along with zero chemicals, additives or colouring, means the most natural and unique Prosciutto on the market.
United Kingdom
Pheasant Prosciutto is best of the bests, never tasted anything like it!
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