Whole Goose Prosciutto 100g


Our exclusive handcrafted Whole Goose prosciutto crudo is made by a family-run company in Hampshire, England to produce an innovative English spin on the traditional Italian flavour.

Our free-range Geese are hatched and reared on site.


All natural smoked traditional Italian-style dry cured whole Goose with no additives, no artificial or added colourings, no preservatives, no nitrates and no chemicals.

Just local handcrafted prosciutto from Hampshire and Surrey’s finest Goose, salt and bucket loads of love and care.

These awesome Hampshire birds are handcrafted into the finest British Prosciutto that lovers of British fine foods are likely to find, by our team here at Emily’s Charcuterie, making it an innovative addition to your meat platter. 

If you would like to serve our limited edition Whole Goose Prosciutto in your luxury hotel, exclusive restaurant, private jet or private yacht as a unique addition to your charcuterie board or salami selection, please contact us at robert@emilyscharcuterie.com or call on +44 7785 747640.

All Natural Flavours

Pork Free

100% Chemical Free

Additive Free

Prosciutto preservative Free

Prosciutto nitrate free

Ingredients: Whole Goose & salt

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Weight 100 kg