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Emily’s Charcuterie is a leading English artisan producer of Luxury Prosciutto. Across the UK, we supply:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Private households
  • Fine food distributors

We are the only award-winning British Charcuterie producer of Pheasant prosciutto in the UK.

All products on our website can be supplied in wholesale quantities and can be ordered by phone or email.

Local Next day delivery available for all our products delivered by trusted couriers. 

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your own house flavouring


chemicals& additives


-winning charcuterie


Years of experience

why Us?

100% organic
Naturally cured with zero chemicals or additives.
Pork-free Prosciutto
We specialise in Wild Pheasant and Lamb Prosciutto.
 Finest cuts of meat
All products are made with whole muscle meat from our very own livestock.

Artisan Charcuterie

The only UK award-winning producer of wild game and pork-free prosciutto.

Taking luxury to the next level with our innovative spin”

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